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December 19, 2016

[Pearl Street has been a long time fan and supporter of 10 Carden. We have invited 10 Carden co-founder and project lead Julia Grady to share an update with our readers about the great things happening at 10 Carden and why a move down the street is big news for the economic and social health of Guelph. Get behind their Indiegogo campaign: all the cool kids are!]


Guest blogger: Julia Grady, co-founder 10 Carden

I am so excited to share some information regarding the 10 Carden initiative. 10 Carden is in its 8th year and is expanding – and this growth is being realized through the redevelopment of a historic landmark in the core of our city, the former Acker’s Furniture building, located at 42 Carden Street.

10 Carden embraces possibility with practicality. As a start-up not-for-profit social enterprise, 10 Carden has always been in a unique position to undertake daring, collaborative work. This project will bring together arts, environment, social justice and community development organizations. It also adds new and much needed fully accessible event spaces to downtown Guelph.

The 10 Carden development will provide Guelph with a hub of co-creation, co-working and social change. 10 Carden’s mission is to provide the conditions for community members, practitioners and researchers, working in collaboration, to explore ideas, create and sustain new initiatives and make discoveries. This work will shift attitudes, behaviours and strengthen our community’s resilience.

The #ackersreno redevelopment project is being carried out by 10 Carden and Chalmers Community Services Centre as the property owners and core building tenants and will activate the full building with a varied mix of community uses. It also offers the full 4th floor to large scale 180+ person arts, cultural and educational event activities, including the first Downtown Guelph Community Classroom in concert with the University of Guelph, Community Engaged Scholarship Institute and Student Life departments.

This project brings together several social benefit organizations:

  • Chalmers Community Services Centre
  • University of Guelph, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences – Community Engaged Scholarship Institute
  • University of Guelph, Student Life
  • Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership
  • Out on the Shelf LGTBQ+ Library
  • Guelph Arts Council
  • Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition
  • Wellington Water Watchers
  • Taylor Newberry Consulting
  • Guelph Dance
  • Community Justice Initiatives
  • Main Power Corp.
  • Kadampa Meditation Centre
  • Wildlife Preservation Canada
  • Transformative Arts, Guelph, and others underway

10 Carden and its members will inspire people to break new ground through collaborations fueled by effective relationships, entrepreneurial spirit and dynamic research. We will spark new ways to imagine, think, behave and work together – putting Guelph on the map for community-driven social change.

10 Carden would not be possible without community support. We encourage you to visit our Indiegogo campaign below and consider supporting this community project. Supporting the project will help towards finishing the main floor and the second floor community gathering spaces, and get you some pretty fun perks! Consider being a part of the 10 Carden initiative and show your support today.

For investment or sponsorship opportunities please contact: investment@10carden.ca

For more information, please contact me at: 519.546.5640 or julia@10carden.ca


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