Pearl Street Academy

Pearl Street is passionate about the role that good communications play in building profitable businesses, strong organizations and engaged communities. We are experienced marketing professionals committed to helping our clients build their brands and tell their stories online, on paper and in-person.

We have learned a lot over the years as we have created powerful marketing tools and programs for our amazing clients! Always interested in sharing our mistakes and recently discovering our knack for teaching, we have started Pearl Street Academy, our teaching and coaching division. We want to share our marketing knowledge and experience to help grow your communications skills at an individual, team and corporate level.

Confidential Communications Coaching

If you are new to the communications world or are running a small communications department or business, it’s sometimes hard to know how to start and manage growth, the next big project, your people or the budget.

Our 1:1 confidential coaching sessions for communication professionals are focused specifically on you and your needs, whatever they may be. One of our team works collaboratively with you to find the best answers to your questions and to work out strategies for success.

Whatever your need, whether it’s a specific marketing challenge or some best practices for your communication plan, staff or budget development, our confidential coaching helps you figure out the next steps.

Coaching sessions start at $1500 for 5 sessions (which includes meeting prep and follow-up).

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A Dream Team – In Three Hours!

Business productivity and efficiency are grounded in great teamwork. Using the DiSC system of coaching tools and our wide range of professionally designed training curricula, Pearl Street can help your team improve its internal communications, clarify goals for your event, build a work plan that will guide your next 24 months or just work more effectively and productively in every way.

Give us a question, challenge or dream for your team and you will be amazed at how many answers, solutions, and actions we can help you create and implement in just 3 hours!

Team building and training sessions start at $4,000. 

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The Training Incubator for Your New Hire

Training new staff is essential, but also time-consuming and hard on resources. As a creative solution, consider placing your new communications or marketing team member in a two day a week, three-month secondment at Pearl Street for intensive hands-on training that dovetails with your new hire’s work responsibilities for you.

S/he will simultaneously be able to learn your culture, daily requirements, strategies, and tasks while also benefitting from our 20 years of best practice knowledge in the widest possible range of marketing skills.  Our hands-on coaching and training – developed in conjunction with your perception of need, can focus on:

  • How to write great copy under deadline and in different modes and styles
  • Time and project management in a corporate environment
  • The many elements of competitive mar/com strategy for different circumstances
  • Managing internal and external client relationships
  • Thinking strategically as well as operationally
  • Working in a very dynamic team relationship
  • Broadening interpersonal and client-focused communication skills.

Built around the specific professional development needs that you identify, we can help you stunningly accelerate the learning and growth of your new hires!

For reference, we have trained dozens of skilled and accomplished communication professionals over the past 20 years. Our alumni are doing important things at large and small businesses, government agencies and in the non-profit sector across Canada and around the globe. Our culture of professional development and ongoing learning have allowed us to turn good novices into seasoned and skilled marketers. Let us do the same for you!

3-month secondment periods start at $10,000.  

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Team DiSC Session

Everything DiSC Workplace is an amazingly powerful tool that helps individuals build more effective relationships, one relationship at a time. A DiSC profile is a window into your approach to work, your communication style and insight on how you tackle challenges. DiSC is a simple tool that will help you understand your work style better so you can better understand those you work with.

After answering a short online survey that ranks words or phrases, DiSC provides a comprehensive report that shows the behavioral style, tendencies, strengths and growth areas of each team member. A DiSC profile will give everyone on your team instant and lasting impressions of themselves and their team. And, after a fun and engaging Pearl Street lead debrief session, your new knowledge will immediately improve your internal communications and engagement.

Everything DiSC Workplace sessions start at $2000.

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