News on the Street

Connecting Your Vision and Team

August 30, 2011

It’s one thing for a community-benefit organization to have a vision. It’s quiet another to help your team keep it front and centre in their day to day work. This article explains eight brilliant, yet achievable ways to communicate your strategy to employees more effectively. These steps will not only help you communicate better but…

Small Project, Big Support

August 15, 2011

A smaller scale renewable energy project in Kingston, Massachusetts, will soon begin construction thanks to a great deal of community effort and support. A 2-megawatt wind turbine will start off the project, followed by the solar installations. Jill Goldsmith, town administrator, says that the experience has been remarkable, and that it is all happening because…

Telling Your Story

July 26, 2011

Watch this Andy Goodman presentation to see why good story telling is important. He explains many organizational stories are burdened with jargon, acronyms, technical language and statistics, until they are almost unrecognizable. Andy is quite clear that the problem is not that organizations do not have stories to tell, but that they are not being…

Friends of Wind in Clinton

July 26, 2011

Friends of Wind are hosting an wind energy information night TODAY in Clinton Ontario. Full event details here.   Let’s hope this is an opportunity to have a balanced and community based conversation on how wind can benefit community. Learn more about Friends of Wind here.

The Community Energy Initiative is a Cornerstone to Guelph’s Local Economy

July 21, 2011

Guest Blog by Karen Farbridge, City of Guelph Mayor After an 18 month consultation and stakeholder engagement process, the City of Guelph’s Community Energy Plan was unanimously endorsed by City Council in April 2007. The Plan was widely heralded as a ground breaking example of community-based and integrated planning. However, it wasn’t until almost two…

Germany Nuclear Free by 2022

July 12, 2011

Over the past couple months we have seen many ambitious reneweable energy goals in various places including Germany. They are planning to shut down all nuclear power plants in the country by 2022. This makes Germany the largest developed nation to announce plans to phase out nuclear energy. While Germany had previously planed to shut…

Reversing the Email Spiral

July 12, 2011

You will want to take a look at the “Email Charter” if you have not done so already. Created by Chris Anderson (of TED fame) it is an on-line crusade to fight back against the endless emails consuming everyone’s time.    Anderson hopes that these 10 simple rules will help to thin out overflowing inboxes. However,…

Will a Lack of CE Cause Ontario to Fall Behind?

July 6, 2011

We previously posted a blog describing the new renewable energy goals that Saskatchewan is pursuing. Yet another province, Nova Scotia, is now jumping on board with an ambitious goal to generate 25% of their electricity from renewable energy sources by 2015. They may be one step ahead of Ontario because they are making use of…

Congratulations to the Poverty Task Force

July 5, 2011

Congratulations to the Poverty Task Force of Guelph for their new Food Access Guide. This guide has been developed to help people access healthy food for themselves and their families. The Poverty Task Force is doing great work on behalf of those living in poverty and those working to support individuals in poverty.

Scholarly Efforts Made by Local Schools

July 4, 2011

By the end of this summer Walden Public School in Lively, Ontario will be drawing energy from a 100-kilowatt rooftop solar system. After this solar system is installed on the roof of the school, along with the already installed wind turbine, this school will be producing 60% of their energy requirements with renewable energy sources.…