Call of Duty Infinite Warfare vs. Battlefield 1-the importance of listening to your audience

November 25, 2016

At Pearl Street, we’re all firm believers that listening to your audience is the foundation in creating a good, marketable product.

A perfect example of “what not to do” is how Activision dropped the ball on listening with the recent new release of the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (CoD: IW) on November 4 and how EA/DICE ensured a solid win with Battlefield 1 which was released on October 21.

Activision engaged its audience of gamers to ask, “What do you want to see in a new first-person shooter (FPS) game?” The response was resounding: We want a “boots-on-the-ground war game.”

Activision, to players’ dismay, produced a futuristic, space-themed war game with CoD: IW. EA/DICE staff caught onto the resounding feedback from the gamer audience and produced Battlefield 1 (BF: 1) a traditional war game set during World War 1.

Gamers have been angry since the initial trailers for both CoD: IW and BF:1 were released back in May and continue to express their negative opinions on social media channels.



This example makes it clear to see how important it is to listen to your audience and kill it at creating a product that meets their needs and expectations. When you choose to disregard your audiences’ requirements you end up alienating a large population of your fan base and can ultimately negatively affect your overall brand. Bottom line is – listen up, and deliver what your audience needs.

Written by: Brittany Kelly

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