Communicator, Know Thy Self

“The single biggest problem in communications is the illusion that it has taken place.”
-George Bernard Shaw

Everything DiSC Workplace is not a test. Everything DiSC Workplace is a tool that can literally change how your team works. This research-validated model has been used by over 50 million people and is so simple and so effective that in less than three hours you can find your team on a new path to stronger communications and higher productivity.

The technical answer to the question ‘what is DiSC’ is a little dry: DISC is a behavior assessment tool based on the theories of psychologist William Marston. (Yes, that William Marston  #WonderWomanIsOurFaveToo). DiSC is based on four different behavioral traits which come from the DiSC name: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance.


The more interesting answer is that DiSC is a personal assessment tool that gives you insight into your behavioural and communication style and will make you a better leader and communicator. By answering a short survey that asks you to choose or rank related words, DiSC provides a comprehensive look at your personal behavioral style, tendencies, strengths, and limitations. The DiSC report will help improve communication between you and your team by highlighting your own communication styles and will also give you insight into other DiSC and communication styles. A DiSC profile is a deeply personal insight into your motivations, needs and work style.

Used by Fortune 500 Companies, government agencies, HR professionals, and educational institutions, DiSC profiles have helped over 40 million people better understand priorities and tendencies, adapt to the behavioral traits of others to increase sales, workplace productivity, and management capabilities. Get a DiSC report for you and your team and gain a better understanding of how your team works and communicates with one another.

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