The Rhyze Project

February 16, 2016

Listening to Stakeholders | For obvious reasons, the Women’s Economic Advancement Project (WEAP) was ready for a name change and asked Pearl Street to lead their renaming process. Pearl Street designed a creative engagement process that allowed us to connect with dozens of different stakeholders. After listening to their team and supporters share stories about the important role women entrepreneurs play in a prosperous community, Pearl Street gave WEAP three unique and meaningful name suggestions. After very little deliberation, they chose the name Rhyze.

Why Rhyze you ask? It is a creative play on the word rhizome, a plant of remarkable resilience that is able to sprout and grow across vast distances. A rhizome’s strength comes from its complex root system and opportunistic nature which will actively find healthy and safe spaces to start new growth. Yet, if a rhizome is separated into pieces, each piece is able to give rise to a new flourishing plant. Is this the ultimate metaphor for the work of this organization? We think so! Rhyze up!